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Middle School Awards

High School Awards

Judging and Awards

All secondary level artwork submitted by teachers in accordance with show handbooks was accepted and judged.   Middle School and High School were judged separately, which is why there is some discrepancy in award categories.   Middle School students are given ribbons, and High School students are eligible for cash prizes and scholarships.   Through the generosity of our sponsors and donors, we were able to award just over $6,500 in prize money and scholarships to these outstanding students for this year.

In addition, some works are selected for special purchase by donors, the Jeffco Foundation and the Jeffco School District.  Artwork purchased by the Jeffco School District becomes a part of a permanent collection  and is on display throughout the Jeffco Ed Center.

We wish to give thanks to all the judges who gave their time and expertise to a very thoughtful award process.  You can learn more about our judges here.

Viewing Recognized Works


Recognized works in the middle school and high school galleries are noted with ribbons, and you can view all special recognitions, purchase winners and awarded works together in the slide deck below.

Best of Show

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Honorable Mention

Purchase &

 Special Awards

Ribbon Legend
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