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Jesse Crock

High School

Josh Brownlow

Melissa Champion

Devon Lawrence

Tammy Mackenzie

Middle School

Elizabeth Buhr

Rachel Dunn

Marisa Poort

Jeffco Visual Arts teachers were Jeffco students too!  Here are three of their stories:

IMG_20210412_120809556 - Stephanie Cruz.
Stephanie Cruz

Years in Jeffco

26 - Attended Juchem Elementary, East Arvada Jr. High, Mandalay Middle and Pomona High School

Teacher at Vanderhoof Elementary

Show Participation

Middle School Art Show

Fondest Art Memory

I took art throughout my education in Jeffco. It was always my favorite class in elementary, junior high and high school and always my first choice as an elective. Besides enjoying doing the art, I loved being able to talk to my friends while working.

Influence on Teaching Career

I'm sure being an art teacher now is a direct result of the classes and teachers I had during my time as a student in Jeffco Schools. I remember the experience of creating and learning in the art rooms of each school I attended. The teachers who stand out the most in my mind were Mr. Rucker at Juchem, Mrs. Rusch at Mandalay and Mrs. Huntley at Pomona.

Jesse Morvay

Years in Jeffco

12 - Attended Pennington Elementary, Everitt Middle School and Wheat Ridge High School

Teacher at Wayne Carle Middle School

Show Participation

Elementary Art Show 

Fondest Art Memory

Being the kid who others kids came to for help with their drawings.

Influence on Teaching Career

I remember how much fun I always had in art which pushes me to set the same environment for my students.

Andy Yutzy

Years in Jeffco

22 - Attended Peck Elementary, Arvada Jr. High and Arvada Sr. High

Teacher at Wheat Ridge High School

Show Participation

Elementary Art Show

High School Art Show

Fondest Art Memory

I just really liked my art teachers.  Brodie, Zwybomer, Scholes and Lovett in High School.  Also winning awards in the Jeffco shows for my own artwork.

Influence on Teaching Career

I always try to be an inspiration to my students and make class fun and memorable.  Letting students use this class as an outlet for creativity and experimentation is what keeps it fun for me.

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