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"This piece was created with Holga camera film and layering the negatives in the enlarged to get the multiple images on the picture. It’s a pretty technical process and takes a lot of time and trial and error. I tried to use unique almost dreamscape like shapes and images to really capture the feeling of an almost Alice in wonderland theme.


The title and meaning of the piece go along with that because the more you look at it the more things you might see and realize, a lot of the things you see at first aren’t what they really are as they’re twisted and layered. I feel like that holds a lot of meaning in real life too, that a lot of things aren’t true or as they are said to be, a lot of the situations and people and other aspects of life simply aren’t as they appear to be on the surface, you have to look underneath and in depth to really see the true nature."


-James Winter, Lakewood HS, Grade 10

Arvada West




Bear Creek



Ralston Valley


Dakota Ridge


Standley Lake

Wheat Ridge

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