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"What a marathon this year has been! We have been through so many ups and downs throughout the school year, from being remote, hybrid, and back to in-person learning. Through it all, the amazing kids of Jefferson County have continued to create amazing works of art. What a time to truly explore their creativity! This year marks the 50th anniversary of arts in Jeffco and we are so thrilled to be celebrating the hard work and creativity of our young artists. This virtual show is combining the elementary, middle school, and high school levels to truly exemplify the continual growth and creativity our students have experienced over this past year. All the elementary art teachers are so proud of our budding young artists as we celebrate their hard work and talent. Congratulations to all of you! Keep being creative!"

- Jeffco Schools Foundation Elementary Art Show Chair, Jesse Crock

"Congratulations to all of the Jeffco student artists whose work was featured in both our public and virtual exhibits. We are certain that none of you ever imagined your coffee table, ping pong table, or patio would become an art studio. And yet, it did. And you created, you painted, sculpted and thought about art. And within each assignment, question and artist’s visit you all participated, engaged and cultivated your imagination. You persisted. Middle School Visual Arts bridge the transition between Elementary and High School, helping student artists explore their present and future potential along with content. Art teachers were thrilled we could celebrate the hardwork and talent of our students and share the incredible things accomplished in Jeffco studios. Our virtual exhibition of Middle School art demonstrates the variety of growing skill levels and passion for the content students experienced. Your efforts, creativity and inventive spirits were a highlight of each exhibit. Think of this as a continuum. Keep going. Keep the creative fires lit. It has been a privilege to be a part of your creative journey."

- Jeffco Schools Foundation Middle School Art Co-Chairs Rachel Dunn, Marisa Poort, Liz Buhr

"The Jeffco Schools Foundation High School Art Show is known as one of the best high school art shows in the state because of the incredible work produced by our students, which is inspired by the great teachers in our district. Although this year was unlike any we have experienced before, our students and our teachers found a way to make the virtual art classroom work. In a normal year, our show would be displayed at the Arvada Center. Although we are sad to miss this opportunity, we are so very proud to have a show that feels and looks a bit more “normal”. 

Art teachers realized that for many students, our classes provided a respite from sitting in front of a screen all day. The arts provide so much for our students, through the arts students learn new skills, develop a new passion, or find a lifelong hobby. They learn life skills on how to deal with and alleviate stress by focusing on creating, they provide a break to create and enjoy something beautiful, and the arts provide an opportunity to understand the deeper meanings behind a visual language that ties us all together. Teachers this year had to get creative with projects-spending hours upon hours revamping their projects to accommodate the many types of learners we had this year in our classrooms. Although our process was different this year, one thing didn’t change-our combined passion (students and teachers alike) for creating art. To all of the students, parents, and teachers who spent hours encouraging, pushing, guiding, Zooming, Google meeting, filling supplies, planning, picking up and dropping off supplies, and being more flexible than ever, congratulations and thank you!! Your work here on this site is very much proof that hard work, perseverance, determination, and the drive to create won’t be stifled by a pandemic. It is in times like these that we need the arts even more. Thank you for participating and visiting our 50th Art Show!"

- Jeffco Schools Foundation High School Art Chairs, Devon Lawrence, Melissa Champion, Josh Brownlow, & Tammy McKenzie 

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