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Jeffco Visual Arts Exhibit History

The first Jeffco art exhibit was in 1971, held at Lakeside Mall (44th and Harlan St.) over a weekend and featured artworks from elementary, jr. high and high school students. It moved to Westland Mall 2 years later and remained at the mall for 2 more years. As Jeffco continued to grow, in 1975 the junior high and high school shows moved their show to the newly opened Arvada Center.  The elementary show remained at the Westland Mall for a few more years before finally finding its permanent home at Red Rocks Community College, where it continues showing yearly. 



With the art shows ongoing growth, Jeffco Middle Schools (formally known as junior high schools) moved their art show to the newly opened Lakewood Cultural Arts Center in 2000, where it continues showing on a yearly basis.  In 2021, Jeffco School Visual Arts Exhibits will be celebrating 50 years of displaying its student artwork publicly. 

Betty Wetherbee

We are honored to have passionate, caring, and devoted individuals supporting Jeffco’s students. One such individual, Betty Wetherbee, brought life and light and immense support to Jeffco through her personal and financial contributions to our District and to our student artists.


With gratitude for all she has given to our District and our students, and with regret for the loss of an amazing friend and Jeffco Arts Hero, we share that the family of Betty J. Wetherbee announced her passing in Waupaca, Wisconsin on February 20, 2020.


In remembrance, please consider donating to the Betty and Joe Wetherbee Arts and Music Fund


“In my time at the Jeffco Schools Foundation, I got to know and love the donors who shared our belief in public education and the potential of the students of Jefferson County. Betty Wetherbee was not only a major Arts Donor, she was a compassionate friend, who insured that her legacy funding would continue to provide culturally enriching experiences for Jeffco’s students.”


-Anton Delgado, Retired Director of Marketing, Jeffco Schools Foundation


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